Key Differences between a Sellers Agent and a Buyers Agency

Key Differences between a Sellers Agent and a Buyers Agency

Real estate agents are core players who determine if the buyer’s desires are met. On the other hand, apart from the collective qualities of both parties, they also have peculiar functions. This article discusses essential qualities and guide you as a buyer to make the best decision. 

Definition of terms related to buyers’ agency


An agent is a person who has a license and can act on behalf of a person (the principal). The agent is also subject to the condition and control of such principle.

Buyers agency

The buyers agency sydney refers to the relationship between the buyer’s principal and his real estate agent. It also represents the real estate company that the agent is working for. 


The principal in any real estate deal is the parties in a transaction that sell or buy a real estate property. They are the role players in a transaction on either end of the spectrum. Another word for principal is the client. 

A buyers agent

The buyer’s agent is the person or real estate broker the buyer works with to buy a property. In other words, a real estate agent or broker may work with the seller or buyer. If the agent works with both parties, he can be referred to as a co-broker or dual agent. 

However, this agent is professionally trained and holds the license of operation in that state under the law. This license allows them to transact real estate business in that locality. However, to differentiate between the sellers’ and buyers’ agents, we need to define the two types of agencies. All real estate agents have the following characteristics.

Key Differences between a Sellers Agent and a Buyers Agency

Common characteristics of buyers’ and sellers’ agency

The following are attributes that any real estate investor can expect from both a seller’s agency and a buyer’s agency. 

  1. Fairness and honesty. Every agent must prove themselves worthy of a deal with fair and honest judgment at all times and in all cases. When people can put their faith and trust in you without breaking your heart, it shows you are on the right path. A simple test to know which agent speaks the truth is the accuracy of their answers to your questions that can be proven.
  2. Disclosure of adverse facts about a property. A professional real estate agent will not just seek to sell a property. They must be sincere about whatever may not be in perfect condition about the property. Therefore, the agents must disclose any material with defects you may not already many cases, the buyer may not discover these faults on their own, but it is essential to show them in evaluating the property value. 
  3. Confidentiality. The agreement between a broker and a buying client is usually signed under controlled conditions. In other words, every information either party discloses in the deal is with a note of confidence, and all parties should treat them accordingly. Therefore, the buyers’ agency keeps the documents before the close of the deal
  4. Provision of an exact market condition. Business asks for setting the right atmospheric condition based on the time and trends of the market. So, you must get the buyer’s agent to provide you with timely and accurate information about your needs. Moreover, when there is an update, the such agent should know what to do and be ready to make the necessary changes. 
  5. High-level of skill and care. You need an agent with excellent real estate talent to match up with the modern-day expectations in real estate. Not only should there be proper industry knowledge, but they should also understand the laws, market conditions, and public policies. Concerning the market expectations, the following are the expected skills include
    • Inspection properties about where to look
    • Ability to manage deadlines and closing dates
    • The ability to give a detailed explanation 
    • Third-party advisors, including attorneys, home inspectors, accountants, and building contractor
    • An excellent effort to find the right property and criteria

Key Differences between a Sellers Agent and a Buyers Agency

Differences between buyers agency and sellers agency

If the seller and buyer agents disagree with the clients, neither parties have an active contract. The relationship should also afford the clients to consider all the real estate property options on the table, negotiate the prices and make the best decision. All agents will treat their clients with utmost respect and efficiency. Meanwhile, the seller agent is the owner’s agent that shows the properties to the potential home buyers and gives all the necessary information to make a decision.

On the other hand, the buyers’ agency uses an agreement to initiate a contract between the agent and the buyer. This agreement often includes a real estate agency disclosure and lists the fair treatment duties that all agents and parties can be part of, including clients and principals. When closing every deal, the buyer gets paid compensation for the efforts, including finding a property and negotiating the fee. The agent’s job starts from the beginning of the contract to the end.

Core duties of a buyers agency


A buyer’s agent must represent loyalty where he esteems all your conflicts of interest. The buyer’s desires should be put first, and you need an agent that keeps that in focus. Moreover, the deal’s success will result from how much of the buyer’s agent’s interest meets.


Another legal obligation of the buyers’ agent is that he must disclose all the property details on time too. Knowing about the condition of the entire house means that the buyer has a complete understanding of the investment and can adequately manage the property. 


A buyer’s agent needs to be obedient to follow the laws of the real estate operation and the buyer’s expectations. The agreement ensures that both parties, especially the agent, deliver their roles and duties. On the other hand, the agent may require a survey or appraisal on behalf of the buyer to know how satisfied the latter is. 

Conclusion – why you need a buyers’ agency

Irrespective of what anyone thinks, a buyer’s agent can rescue you from any fear you have about buying a property. What you need is to ensure you find the right one. The buyer agent must ensure that all the buyer’s expectations are met. For example, the buyer agent is responsible for giving a sincere opinion of the property, recommending a property at the best price, and helping close all the necessary deals. 

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